Monday, June 13, 2016

Not having good luck with my estradiol patch.

Well I think I got my patch figured out..Had to take it off yesterday morning. Wait for about 6 or so hours and put it on roughly at 11:30 at night my time. I didn't wake up this morning with a god awful frontal migraine..Meaning most of the pressure from the headache in the front of my head and the temples. 

I was able to get up around 12 finally and get some stuff done..I'm stiffer then stiff this morning, mostly probably hormone related from waiting so long to put the patch back on. It's something I can live and function with...However having an extreme headache like I've been getting is not. 

Had a bad night though, my daughter didn't seem to sleep well and my son is having problems this morning with his stomach after having ate a lot of fresh fruits yesterday..Poor kiddo. He'll learn eventually not to eat so much..It's summer and their really refreshing and healthy snacks to have around. 

So that's been our day so far..I did manage to get more laundry in, vacuum upstairs, clean the bathroom upstairs, rugs some of the logs and some other stuff got vacuumed. 

Now I'm listening to music, a band called Mekanism/Ember falls now, their a Finnish metal band, very good. Check their youtube channel out under Ember Falls. I think some of their older stuff is no longer on their channel as they are working on a new album now with a new lead singer. I really loved their old singer Criss Valley, his voice is amazing! 

This is one I haven't listened to yet but let me know if its any good...Looks like the right video so we'll see. 

A tag from a friend on GG. I added glitter with permission.
Thank you Robbie!

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